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International Women’s March, 1/21/17


“Here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

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President Obama’s Farewell Address


This photo is blurry af but I could care less. I was there!!! I literally cannot make this stuff up!!! I woke up this morning to the wildest thing. (The) UNIVERSE sent me an email saying The White House purchased both, my & my guest’s tickets to President Obama’s Farewell Address at the McCormick Place tonight! 🙌🏽 Is this real life?! Of course, my guest-by-default was my lil bro. He gets all the perks – games, concerts, presidential events, you name it. This was such an amazing moment, we were so blessed to be in the building! Come to find out, this was even more special for lil bro because he was a part of the festivities at Grant Park the night Obama won in November 2008. I am truly going to miss this man, the First Family, and everything they embodied and stood for. Enjoying these last few days with him in office before everything goes straight to hell. 

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Just Landed In… Sweet Home Chicago


No matter how far my travels may take me, there is no sweeter feeling than landing in my hometown of Chicago. That is, until I actually got off the plane this morning and the frigid negative degree temperatures slapped me in my face and I thought to myself, “Why do people choose to live in such miserable conditions?!” I can only tolerate Chicago between Memorial Day Weekend & Labor Day Weekend.

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True Friends Are Always Together In Spirit

All of my close friends are scattered around the globe. It’s definitely bittersweet – bitter because I can’t see them as often as I would like to, and sweet because I can always visit them in their respective city/country. I cannot wait for the day where all of us can be in one room at the same time and honestly, there are two times I know this will likely happen – my wedding day and my funeral.

I know for a fact I am a great friend and I take great pride in that. While we’re here on earth, I know I make a true effort to let my close friends know I love them, I appreciate them, be there for them, and truly take the time to enjoy them while I’m in their presence. I don’t come from a large family, so my friends are for sure the family I have chosen for myself. I travel so much, who knows when the next time I’m going to see them is. I thank God for advanced technology, especially FaceTime. One of my most favorite things to do is to be able to call up one of my girlfriends who may live on the other side of the country and have Bible Study via FaceTime.

This particular quote spoke directly to my Spirit. We all have friends that though we may not speak to on a daily basis, we can pick up right where we left off when we do speak to one another. Very recently, a close girlfriend of mine went through a heartbreaking situation. To be honest, we hadn’t physically seen each other in years, but always kept in touch via social media. However, when her husband passed, I showed up and stayed with her for a week, and we literally picked up right where we left off. It’s something I can’t fully describe, but I know for a fact that no matter how near or far, true friends are always together in Spirit.

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39,000 ft. ORD -> LAS


The first of many flights this year! When I tell you this trip was totally last minute? But when business calls, you answer! Stay tuned…

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Shark Tank


If you’re scared of sharks, stay the hell up out of the ocean!!! And that’s all I have to say about that. Today’s adventures brought me to Las Vegas, specifically The Venetian Resort & Casino, where my business partners & I pitched our product to the sharks for the upcoming season of Shark Tank. I’m not allowed to say too much more than this, so stay tuned! Tons of things in the work this year and lots of money to be made!

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Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions


What a pleasant surprise to be gifted tickets to this sold-out game from a good friend who plays for the team, and minutes before kickoff, at that! It’s so funny because it happened in front of two of my homies and all they could do was shake their head in amazement like, “Trish, how do you always make things happen out of thin air?!” That’s just how I roll, baby! I truly love and appreciate good people with kind hearts. But then again, like attract like. Though I wasn’t in Detroit to hang out this time around (due to unforeseen circumstances), this game was definitely just the breather I needed. A great way to kick off the new year, indeed!

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