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Currently Reading… ‘What Is Your ONE Sentence?’


I’ve been needed this because Lord knows I can be long-winded! I am on my second book of the year and am focusing on career-based books this first quarter. To be honest, I’ve been in my Bible so heavy that I’ve already fallen off of my “one book a week” track. It’s ok, God knows my heart. Between reading books, my Bible, listening to podcasts, sermons, and affirmations, there seriously aren’t enough hours in the day! My ears stay listening to something and eyes stay reading something! I’m looking forward to gaining nuggets of wisdom from this book!

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Words of Wisdom


“Where He leads, He feeds. Where He guides, He provides.”

These words that have gotten me through some of the most challenging moments of my life. You know, those times where you wonder, “How did I even end up here?” Things aren’t going the way you had them planned them out to be in your head. Yes, you prayed. Yes, you fasted. Yes, you took a leap of faith… time and time again. You did things the “right” way. But you’re still not seeing the fruits of your harvest. You’ve planted all of these seeds, years and years and years of planting seeds, and you’re so sure harvest season is upon you. And then… nothing.

As I type this, I want to let you know that I, too, am going through it. I am still being a diligent and obedient child of God and doing what I know I am supposed to be doing. He hasn’t showed me my next step, so I am going to continue to do the last thing He told me to do. Since I was 17, I have moved to 6 major cities… most of which without any money in my bank account. One thing I know for sure, is that I never missed a meal, never starved to death, never missed paying rent or utilities, nor did I incur late fees, and thankfully, never got evicted. I might’ve come close, but as God would have it, He has a way of showing up right in the nick of time.

Where He has led me, He has fed me, and where He has guided me, He has provided for me. As I sit here overthinking, trying to figure out how to make my next move my best move, I have to reel myself back in and take solace in knowing that what I have prayed for will come to pass. There’s something about knowing you will receive what you ask for (as long as it is in His Will). There’s also something about praying as though you have already received it. I pray several times a day that He keeps me in Divine Alignment with those that will take me to the next level in my life, or with those whom I am meant to take to the next level in their life. And He does just that. He keeps me plugged in with exactly who I need to be plugged in with. The stories that I have is an entirely different post in itself. So until then, keep on keeping on and keep the faith and hope alive. It will all work out in the end. It always does.

Decisions Determine Destiny


Can we talk about the lost art of delayed gratification?! Unfortunately, this is a foreign concept to a majority of people. I had touched on it in a conversation with someone recently and I was asked to repeat myself, so I did, and this person started laughing. I immediately asked what was so funny, to which they replied, “Nothing’s funny. It’s amazing you said that because you don’t hear people talk about delayed gratification. I cannot tell you the last time I heard someone use that particular phrase.”

People are so caught up with what they want now, now, now, “in this moment,” spending their checks to buy some “thing” to fill a current void or gap, only for that void to still be there until the next time they feed it with another material “thing.” They do this with people, too; they’d rather have Mr./Ms. Right Now vs. Mr./Ms Right. ‘Instant Gratification’ is a vicious cycle than can have a stronghold on you for years, decades, even a lifetime; a cycle you can pass down to generations if you aren’t conscious and aware. I’ve been there before and I can genuinely say… WAIT ON IT! Hold out for God’s best in ALL areas of your life. It’s perfectly fine to go without (for now) than to go with some “thing” or some “one” that’s only there for the moment. 


Currently Reading… ‘Pitch Perfect’


Cheers to my first read of the year! My love for books is no secret, and so the best little brother in the entire world did some research on some of his big sister’s skills (PR & presenting) and gifted me this gem. Made my heart so happy! This comes in perfect timing as one of my flaws, I feel, is being long-winded. I am totally looking forward to gaining wisdom from this book, and cannot wait to share with you all what I’ve learned.

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Currently Reading… ‘Talk Like Ted’


I swear, nothing gets me more excited than getting my hands on a good book! I am currently reading “Talk Like Ted” by Carmine Gallo and will update this post once I have finished reading this book in its entirety. I stumbled across this gem at the perfect time, and not by coincidence either. I truly believe in synchronicity, and with all the projects I am currently working on, this is exactly what I needed to propel me for what’s next.

Stay tuned!

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Currently Reading… ‘The Leader Phrase Book’


This book is so great! I randomly came across it at a FedEx/Kinko’s and had to have it. It’s filled with amazing quips & phrases to use to very politely or very impolitely, yet tactfully, tell someone off.

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Currently Reading… ‘Self Meditation’


Another book, another crazy story on how I acquired it. And as always, I continue to charge it to synchronicity and never a coincidence.

I came across this book when I went to a friend of a friend’s home, and she had it lying on her coffee table. I was so drawn to it, of course I immediately went to my trusty website where I usually order my books from, and ordered it immediately! This book is not a straight through read. Instead, it’s something you can pick up and turn to any page, and read the nuggets of wisdom shared. It’s enlightening, uplifting, and has helped me in many ways.

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