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Currently Re-Reading… ‘The Go-Giver’


Over the weekend, I decided to revisit this life-changing book simply because I needed to be refreshed. When I tell you this book rejuvenated my Spirit?! I first read this gem in 2010 and it changed my perspective on “success,” “trying to make it,” and life, as I knew it. Giving isn’t something that should be done here & there. Giving should be a way of life.

This book shares the ‘Five Laws of Stratospheric Success’ and it is definitely something that I like to keep fresh in my mind. I’ve even printed this out and taped it on my bathroom mirror so I can be reminded of these nuggets of wisdom daily. The main ‘law’ I’ve struggled with is the Law of Receptivity, simply because I’ve been raised to give, give, give, and never to receive. Even when my brother and I were younger, if any of our family friends gave us a birthday or Christmas card with money in it, my mom would literally make us go and give the money back. We’d be so upset and didn’t understand why she would make us do that. This thought-process followed me into adulthood, and I had to ask myself why I have such a hard time accepting gifts. When someone gets me a present, why do I say no? Why must I give it back? How does that even make sense? As I read this book and read about this law in specific, I realized that pride may have played a huge factor in our mom making us return our monetary gift. The authors put it so simply and eloquently. In life, we must breathe in order to live. We do not just inhale; we must, at some point, exhale. Our hearts do not just contract; at some point, it must extract, too. In the same light, you cannot only give; you must learn to receive. And this is something that I’ve promised myself I will be better at. It’s totally OK to receive, too!


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