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Currently Reading… “Creative Visualization’


Almost always, there’s a fascinating story behind how I acquired a certain book. I’ll always charge it to synchronicity vs. a coincidence.

I walked into one of my girlfriends’ home and this book was casually sitting on the couch, as she was currently reading it. I was immediately drawn to the lotus flower (one of my favorite flowers) and the author’s name, Shakti, which I knew off-bat had to be an Indian woman. Without asking (shame on me), I opened the book up to browse through, and started reading it. I caught myself 5 minutes in and realized I had to have it. And so, I went to my trusty website where I order a majority of my books and placed my order immediately.

The book finally came in the mail, of course I dove right in, and when I tell you this book was everything??! I wasn’t aware that there is a workbook companion to this book, as well, until I came across it in a physical bookstore. This book truly pushes you to, simply put, creatively visualize. When I read, I always have a pad and pen next to me to take notes, and I realized that while reading this book, the pages were filling up rapidly. I strongly encourage any and everyone to read this book. We must continually expand and broaden our minds and imagination. We can be, do, and have anything we want in this life. The Universe is literally and endless catalog of anything our heart desires. Use it to the best of your advantage!

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