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Currently Reading… ‘Manifest Your Desires’


I’m so excited to finally get my hands back on this book after giving my last copy away to a friend. This book isn’t a straight read. It’s got 365 nuggets of wisdom, obviously one for each day of the year. For me, I like to read as much of it as I can in one sitting, and come back the next time and read as much of it as I can, and once I finish the book, I repeatedly come back to it. It’s a true gem!

A random fact about me: I am super anal when it comes to my books. I’ll let you borrow any and everything I own – clothes, shoes, my car, even my home. But when it comes to my books, I treat it like you’re checking out a book from the library. I literally have a place card that I insert in the cover that says “From the Private Library of… Trish Dave”, I’ll write your name, the date you checked my book out, and will literally put it in a ziplock bag and give it to you so you don’t scratch the cover. And don’t you dare dog-ear the pages, or else it’s going down. So for me to physically give away a book of mine, it must really have been on my Spirit to do so.  


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