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Happy Birthday, Tupac!

Happy (what would’ve been 40th) Birthday to one of my favorite artists and one of the greatest rappers to ever do it… Tupac Shakur. I’ve posted my favorite Tupac song above.

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50 Truths Worth Knowing

I absolutely love this! I had to share it…

  1. Love can endure across continents.
  2. The best way to cross the finish line is one step at a time.
  3. Work can wait
  4. Letters are better.
  5. You never know what is hidden inside.
  6. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. So???
  7. Friendship is hard, but the rewards are grand.
  8. Kindness is a language the world speaks.
  9. Pets are part of the family.
  10. Even small steps are important.
  11. You can’t fail unless you stop trying.
  12. It’s wonderful to be human.
  13. It’s never too late to be what you might have been.
  14. Objects are just objects. What matters most is what they represent.
  15. Love is strange.
  16. Photos capture memories for eternity.
  17. If you jump, the net just might appear.
  18. It’s good to be in America.
  19. Family history is worth hanging on to.
  20. Winning matters….sometimes.
  21. The best things to own are those you earn.
  22. You might be more like your parents than you’d like to admit.
  23. Work can be sacred.
  24. Perfection is overrated.
  25. It’s not the size of the gift that counts.
  26. Take time to stop and taste the chocolate.
  27. You can handle more than you think.
  28. A true surprise is a rare gift.
  29. Attitude is half the battle.
  30. Age is just a number.
  31. Your contribution is more valuable than you might think.
  32. Small delights make great discoveries.
  33. We all have a unique voice. You just have to find yours.
  34. Sometimes, you’ve got to think outside the box.
  35. Family goes beyond blood.
  36. It pays to approach new things with an open mind.
  37. You can’t always do it alone.
  38. The most meaningful legacies can’t be measured.
  39. Meaningful is more beautiful.
  40. Just sitting can be pure joy.
  41. It’s up to you how colorful your life is.
  42. Even the wounded have the capacity to heal others.
  43. Love is bigger than squabbles.
  44. You can be anything you imagine.
  45. The world is filled with wonder.
  46. Sometimes, the cynics are just plain wrong.
  47. We can surmount tragedy with love.
  48. You can live richly, and money has nothing to do with it.
  49. On your to-do list, it’s a good idea to put people first.
  50. Sometimes, it’s what you don’t ask for that is the very thing you need the most.
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Currently Reading…. ‘For One More Day’


What an amazing book! I actually finished reading this 200 page book the same day I started it! Proud of myself for that. 😉

To quickly recap… Have any of you ever lost someone you loved & wanted to spend one more day with them? Have you wanted to have just one more conversation with them? How would that conversation even go? For One More Day is the story of a mother and a son, and a relationship that covers a lifetime and beyond. It explores the question at hand, “What would you do if you could spend one more day with a lost loved one.” As a child, Charley “Chick” Benetto was told by his father, “You can either be a mama’s boy or a daddy’s boy, but you can’t be both.” So, he chooses to be a “daddy’s boy” only to see his father disappear when Charley is on the verge of adolescence. Decades later, Charley is a completely broken man. His life has been crumbled by alcohol and regret. He loses his job, he leaves his family, and he finally hits rock bottom after discovering his only daughter, Maria, has shut him out of her wedding. Thus, he decides to take his own life. He makes a drunken midnight ride to his small hometown and plans to do himself in. He fails even to do that! So, he staggers back to his old house, only to make an astonishing discovery. His mother — who died eight years earlier — is still living there, and welcomes him home as if nothing ever happened.  Albom has said his relationship with his own mother was largely behind the story of the book, and that several incidents in For One More Day are actual events from his childhood.

Great read! Mitch Albom is absolutely one of my favorite authors!

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Positive Language & The Thoughtful Thirty

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Some time ago, I posted Destructive Language & The Dirty Thirty from Hal Urban’s book, The 10 Commandments of Common Sense. It was a list of 30 ways we can spread poison into our environment without even realizing it. Today, I am going to share with you “The Thoughtful Thirty” – a list of ways we can spread love, inspiration, hope and courage into our environment. This is excerpted from Hal Urban’s book, Positive Words, Powerful Results. The title says it all! In this book, he offers readers two lists of “do’s and don’ts” in order to assist people of all ages in forming better relationships with others.  It is so important to watch the words that come out of our mouths! By no means am I saying that I am perfect and that every word out of my word is just so “right” but I definitely try! And I must admit, the more I diligently and consciously watch what I say, the better my conversations are. Watching my words has also prevented me from having unnecessary arguments! Who wants those anyway?

They say actions speak louder than words. This may be true, but only to an extent. I am still a firm believer that words are just as powerful as actions, if not more powerful. It’s our thoughts that lead to our words which in turn, lead to our actions, and that leads to our habit, character, and destiny. I hope you enjoy this list. Share it with your family and friends and practice it each and every single day!

The Thoughtful Thirty

  1. Give encouragement
  2. Express thanks
  3. Acknowledge others
  4. Extend greetings
  5. Give a compliment
  6. Congratulate someone
  7. Teach, give instructions
  8. Offer words of comfort
  9. Inspire others
  10. Celebrate and cheer
  11. Inquire, express interest
  12. Mend relationships
  13. Make others laugh
  14. Show faith and trust
  15. Share good news
  16. Praise, honor, build-up
  17. Express caring
  18. Show understanding and empathy
  19. Give approval
  20. Extend an invitation
  21. Show courtesy and respect
  22. Give advice and counsel
  23. Apologize
  24. Forgive
  25. Offer to help
  26. Tell the truth
  27. Point out the good
  28. Use terms of affection
  29. Provide valuable information
  30. Communicate love

I felt like I came down to hard on myself when I read “The Dirty Thirty” so reading this list was a breath of fresh air, to say the least. I can honestly say I perform most of these acts of thoughtfulness already, but that doesn’t mean that I should slow down or stop. It’s about doing it more and more, each and every day. What do I have to lose?!